The book “The Magic” by Rhonda Byrne is the inspiration for this new collection. It is the most powerful book I have ever read; it changed the way I see life.

It taught me to notice the small details that we often overlook and taught me to be grateful for them. The power of gratitude is immense, and by giving thanks, we become aware of the things around us, appreciate them, and understand that the world is full of magic.

I want to remind everyone that magic is where we want it to be; it accompanies us all the time, everywhere. All it takes is to see it and keep it in mind.

Daniela Vargas – Directora creativa de Lenuá



This pattern represents the magic in the designer’s life: love, small details, memories, important people, and manifestation through our words.


Inspired by the magic of gratitude. Those reasons for which we give thanks every day. Family and friends, health, nature, music, and the ups and downs are part of the inspiration.


The magic of life is the unexpected, the unplanned. This pattern is inspired by the spontaneous, by creating without thinking, letting oneself be carried away by the moment. Just as life is.


Life takes you through different paths, each of them special. This pattern represents those paths, sometimes good, sometimes bad, but from which we always learn.