Flora is inspired by her life, that eternal and vigorous flower. She teaches and reveals the stages she has lived, those that silently characterize her.


Her innocence representing childhood, her freshness displaying happiness, her allure signifying love, the blossoming representing change, a new life. The  shedding of petals demonstrating difficulties, and the withering confirming old age.


That eternal flower is the one that represents life and the life yet to be lived.

A tribute to grandmothers.



It is composed by the hydrangea which signifies beauty and abundance. The poppy represents dreams and fertility, and the alstroemeria refers to friendship. This is the print of change and new life.


It references childhood. Freesia and daisy were used, which symbolize innocence, and the almond tree represents “awakening”.


It references moments of difficulty. The following flowers were used; anemone, symbolizing abandonment; the narcissus, symbolizing selfisheness and deceit; the carnations, representing rejection; and the dhalias, signifying instability.


It is composed of the orchid which signifies beauty and perfection. The bird of paradise that represents joy and lastly, the amaryllis refers to pride and elegance.


It represents old age and is inspired by the following flowers; the lotus flower, representing spiritual purity; the tulip, symbolizing sincere love; and the lily that symbolizing the innocence of the spirit and heart.


It represents love and is inspired by the following flowers; cosmos, signifying the joy of love and life, gardenias, symbolizing a secret love, and finally, roses, reflecting love and purity.